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Welcome to the tutorial creating a forum in AIA contract documents forms are used for project and contract administration and typically have a document number beginning with the letter G you can create a form in one of two ways you can create a form either from the projects tab or from the templates library tab this tutorial will show you both ways to create a form for an existing project first go to the projects tab choose the project that you are working on from the project's list and then click the Create document button click on the form you would like to use let's search for an open the g 701 change order some forms like the G 701 change order allow you to import data from previous change orders if you have previous versions and want to import data from them check that option and select the document you want to use once you've made all of your selections click OK to advance read the important notice the notice alerts you the fields that require input are shaded gray and any text outside of the gray fields cannot be edited check the do not show this message again to bypass it in the future click OK the form will launch in the form editor you can now edit the form key information such as the project name and address will automatically be filled in for you when you launch the form click the edit link to add text edit font and color and check spelling once you're finished making all of your edits click OK to go back to the form editor you can enter in data using the form editor some fields are drop down make your selections and enter numeric values mathematical calculations are performed automatically when editing values ensure you click or tab into the next field to update the calculated field on the left hand side there is a comment section for you to write any notes be sure to click safe tire form to a particular project and click OK at any time you can click the document instructions button on the left-hand side to access detailed instructions on how to complete a particular form you can click the Print Preview button to generate a draft PDF so you can see what your form looks like with their completed data click share for review to send the form to colleagues for their drafting edits see the sharing a draft document for review tutorial for more information on this functionality once your draft is complete click the generate final button this creates a final PDF with the AIA logo and watermark you can save this document to your hard drive you are now ready to print this form and circulate for signatures to create a form for a brand new project you can begin by searching for your agreement in the templates library tab you can use the data you enter into this form to create your project from the templates library tab let's search for and open the g 701 you can select new project in the dialog box to create a new project from this form click OK read the important editing notice click OK to advance enter the relevant information once you've...